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July 19 2018

Control Voltage Portland Event: Prophet X Demo & Module Giveaway Thursday 7/26
Sequential Circuits Vintage Synth Spec Sheet Brochures & Folder
Roland Juno-106 Synthesizer SN 525564
A History of Polyphony: Part 9- Setting the Stage: the 1960s
"The Sound of the System" 7" Demo Record from Oberheim Electronics, Inc. 1982
Industrial Music Electronics Product Demo & Q&A at Perfect Circuit Audio July 23

July 18 2018

Patterning 2 - Recording Automation
MOOG Memorymoog Plus Keyboard Synthesizer SN 3017
Korg SB-100 Synthe-Bass Vintage Analog Key Bass Synthesizer SN 780229
San Francisco Brazil Iceland
Buchla Lyra-8 and Digitakt in dinning room
Arturia DrumBrute Impact first sound impression
Something is coming.
Novation // Circuit - Synth Editor
Novation Circuit Worth Getting In 2018? - NEW 1.7 Update!!!
PO-35 Speak Pocket Operator
DSI Tempest & Strymon Blue Sky
The Harvestman : PISTON HONDA MKII Eurorack Module
Original Vintage ARP 1977 Odyssey 2800 Synth Owner's Manual + Poster + Sticker
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