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February 08 2018

JD-XI Manager sound design - effects
Custom Chrome KORG Prologue at NAMM
Experiment Forty Seven
Reverb Roland JP-8000 Synth Collection Sample Pack .WAV Rik Marston NAMM 2018
Monoseq - Elektron Analog Four and Octatrack ambient
Crumar Bit01 Sound Patches Demo control by Crumar/Unique DBM Master Keyboard
Kurzweil K2661 K 2661 demo
SY77 soft sounds pads 2
CGS Serge Modular Synth Chaos Sounds #TTNM
Elka Synthex Analogue Synth Poly Synthesiser
Korg Mono/Poly
BASTL Instruments Rumburack

February 07 2018

Synthchaser #093 - Sequential Circuits Piano Forte - Prophet 5 of Electric Pianos?
SIX ON THE BEACH// OB-6 Prophet-6 Juno-106
A Darker Evolver Soundset Demo
New Yamaha FS1R iPad Editor For Patch Base
2 by bukowski - jam one
Korg "We put it all together" catalog, Vol.3, 1982
SoundsDivine 'Rhythm & Sound' - Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
MacBeth Studio Systems Micromac-D Analog Synthesizer
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