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September 23 2019

Roland JX-3P Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and other sounds
Overview of Modular For The Masses "My Favorite Reverb" module
Yamaha Synth Story & the Montage White
Limited Edition Red Alesis Andromeda A6
Roland Integra-7 SuperNATURAL Synthesizer Sound Module w/ Original Box

September 22 2019

Stargazer - PURPLE limited edition of 100 w/ Wavetable Interpolation
Suzanne Ciani on the Radio
Moog Subsequent 37 - Quick Jam
3D Waves NanoBod for the Arturia MicroFreak
Gotharman's LD3: MicroTunings
Grain Bastard - Borderland Jam
DreamsOfWires New album track demo version 'Things to come'
Behringer Distortion ACID with TT-303 & TT-606 #TTNM
From the Live Room 5: Roland SH2 + Yamaha PS-1
Sand Blind
Massive Wooden Eurorack Cabinets by Lamond Design
Clef Master Rhythm Computer Band-box Vintage Drum Machine Synth
Zynthian Raspberry Pi Synth - Runs Dexed FM Synth, PureData Virtual Analog + more
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